Music matters greatly with every wedding. And that really does not only apply to the party. In particular also the wedding ceremony can be given completely your own touch with the music that is typically yours.

Wedding entertainment

SKYFLY has well over 20 years’ experience in providing music during weddings. Whether you choose a festive, romantic or official ceremony: SKYFLY knows what things are needed to play music that creates the right atmosphere and they can help you with advice. Because not every piece of music is as suitable for every part of the ceremony. And not all music suits every wedding location. In accordance with your wishes, we prepare the ceremony and subsequently, everything will be arranged to the tiniest detail. SKYFLY understands that the wedding ceremony is one of the most important moments in your life and we provide the quality that matches that.

There are various moments in the ceremony of a wedding that are traditionally graced by music, each with its own atmosphere and emotion:

  • when the guests find their places in the hall (prelude)
  • when you enter the hall on your way to the registrar (procession)
  • when the certificate is signed (ceremony)
  • when you leave the hall (recession)
  • when the guests leave the hall (postlude)

But more moments can be considered where music can play a role. May be you want to carry out a ritual together – light candles, for example – and have ‘your song’ played with that. Or bring an ode to the father of the bride who gives away his daughter. Surprise your guests with a number that tells the story of your relation. You can make it as original as you wish.

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Get to know SKYFLY during one of our demo shows, and find out our shows. In a personal conversation we can discuss the possibilities.

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