DJ Workshop

Pleasant and educational and moreover something different from the usual things. That is a DJ Workshop by SKYFLY. The perfect addition to your business event or interpretation of your business party or staff party. Under the inspiring leadership of an experienced SKYFLY-DJ, we let your employees or guests take their first steps behind the CD turntables.

complete programme

We teach everybody the principles of the DJ profession:

  • working with the equipment, such as CD players, DJ mixer but, possibly, also our Touch-DJ
  • the composition of the set (choice of records, learn to assess the atmosphere and audience)
  • timing, intros and outros, mixing

P.S: if your event is linked to a party, then of course the new DJs-to-be get the opportunity to let the audience hear their skills that evening. Do you want to know more about the DJ Workshop? Feel free to contact us.

Available from 09:00 - 23:00!

Or ask SKYFLY on WhatsApp

+316 481 14051

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